The art of packaging.

InPackt Innovative Packaging is supplier of packaging films for various products and applications. Our specialism is food packing. With 8 decades of experience, you can count on a professional organization, that understands the art of packaging and is most eager to be of service towards all of your packaging questions and projects.

We supply single-layer and multi-layer packaging films:

  • For food and non-food
  • Adapted to your wishes and applications
  • Printed in up to 11 colors in flexo-gravure or roto-gravure
  • Papertouch

Our broad delivery program covers among others:

  • Skinpack for enhanced presentation and shelf life
  • Barriere films for “modified atmosphere packaging” applications
  • Paper laminate for flowpacking

We can assist you with:

  • Development and optimizing of you packing lines
  • Design and development of packaging for new products

We also offer:

  • Lots of know-how of processes within the food industry
  • Insight into consumer behavior and trends within the retail and food industry
  • Close cooperation with packaging machine suppliers
  • Personal service and working method
  • Guaranteed food safety



InPackt supplies a wide variety of mono and laminated films, which can be applied in all kinds of ways. Below you will find a selection of commonly used applications.

Are you eager to know if we can also supply a suitable film for your packaging line. Please feel free to contact us without obligation. We are more than happy to tell you more about the possibilities.


Suitable for the packing of; coffee, meat, meat products, fish, shellfish, game, poultry, bread, pastry, vegetables, fruits, snacks and sweets, ready-made meals and salads.



Suitable for the packing of; cheese, diary, meat, meat products, fish, shellfish, game, poultry, bread, pastry, vegetables, fruits, snacks and sweets, ready-made meals, salads and pet food.



Suitable for the packing of; cheese, diary, meat, meat products, fish, shellfish, game, poultry, bread and pastry.



Bottom-web films are available in the flexible of rigid kind. Combined with top-web films suitable for the packing of; cheese, diary, meat, meat products, fish, shellfish, game, poultry, bread and pastry.




In her 80-year existence, InPackt has developed from a wholesaler in coffee, tea and tobacco to a supplier of packaging films. Below a brief summary of a number of events.


In January InPackt moves to the Hichtumerweg 4 in Bolsward, after having been established in Drachten for over 40 years.


Founded in 1937, InPackt celebrates its 80th anniversary this year.


After 30 years on the road, Jur Ester passes the baton to Douwe de Jong.

Douwe de Jong

1998 – 2016

On 11-11-1998 on 11 AM, the deed is signed which renames De Jong Verpakkingsmaterialen Drachten BV to InPackt Innovative Packaging BV. In 60 years, the company has developed from retail trade packaging wholesaler to packaging film supplier for industrial companies. with this new quality belongs a new better suited name.

1986 – 1998

New owner Jur Ester foresees that the baker, butcher and greengrocer will give way to supermarkets and chain stores. In order to be ahead of this development, the helm is being turned and the focus shifted to supplying industrial companies and distribution centers for supermarkets and chain stores, with products such as bag loader bags, carrier bags, check-out bags, paper bags and cake boxes.

In 1991 the company moves due to lack of warehouse space from De Meerpaal in Drachten to De Bolder in Drachten.

Food factories are increasingly using packaging foil on reels to pack their products. At first these are simple PE films, but as time progresses they increasingly become composite films. De Jong Verpakkingen sees the opportunity and picks up on this development. Packaging films for food in particular, grows into the main activity.

1937 - 1986

In 1937, Mr. K. de Jong and Mr. I. de Beer started a wholesale trade in coffee, tea and tobacco in the old fire station of the city of Dokkum. During the war years 1940-1945 these goods are scarce and the assortment is gradually changed into packaging materials for the local industry and craftsmen. The deliveries consisted of small quantities and were often delivered on a handcart by the youngest employee.

Mr. K. de Jong jr. takes over the company from his father and in 1974 and renames it De Jong Dokkum Papier BV. The Frisian retail trade in particular is supplied with packaging materials in the broadest sense of the word. The company is a typical wholesaler with a huge assortment of bags, boxes, trays, wrapping paper and decoration materials.

In 1978 the company moves from Dokkum to Drachten, where it settles on de Meerpaal on industrial estate “De Haven”. In 1979 the name changes to De Jong Verpakkingsmaterialen Drachten BV or De Jong Verpakkingen. In 1986 De Jong retires and Jur Ester takes over.



From time to time InPackt informs its relations about current packaging themes with its newsletter "B2B". With the links below you can view these editions (Dutch only).

Under the heading "Other info" you will find our ISO 22000 certificate and our General Terms and Conditions.



InPackt works closely with the companies below.


Oxino® is a product of Jusheng Nanjing. This Dutch/China company specializes in innovative and active packaging solutions for the food and non food industry.

Dukker PPA

Dukker PPA (Dukker Paper & Pulp Agencies) specializes in the specific applications of packaging paper for the food industry sector.



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